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About Sophrology

« One who controls his mind will conquer. He will be happy and be in good health »

Sophrology TRE Singapore Solena
Who can benefit from Sophrology?

Every session is adapted to personal needs such as:


  • Students: exam preparation – how to cope with the stress

  • Pregnant woman: pre-natal guidance – pain management

  • Children: sense of body limitations – anger management

  • Any individual who feels stressed, anxious, who suffers  from insomnia, has phobia or needs guidance during diet.

  • Sportsmen: competition preparation

  • Hospitalised individuals: counsel - pain management


Sophrology aims & objectives
  • Better sleep

  • Improved concentration

  • Higher energy level and improved stamina

  • Clear and calm mind

  • Emotional stability

  • Relaxation

  • Motivation

  • Improved health

  • Reduction of phobias and anxiety

What is Sophrology? 

The word sophrology comes from 3 greek words:

Sos = Harmony

Phren = conscience

Logos = study


Sophrology was invented by Dr. Caycedo, neuro-psychiatrist from Madrid.

It is a structured method to allow individuals to optimize their wellbeing and health.

It consists of a series of simple physical and mental exercises that when practiced regularly result  in a relaxed healthy body and a calm focused mind.


These movements are called “dynamic relaxation” or “meditation in movement”.


Learning to control our body through these movements & breathing allows us to improve our perceptions of previous, present & future experiences.


A sophrology session is an equivalent to 2 hours of sleep.


People who practice Sophrology smile more, are happier, are more successful and take better decisions.


" Sophrology is a method which aims to overcome painful sensations and physical weaknesses through relaxation techniques comparable to hypnosis." 
LAROUSSE Dictionary
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