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"Stress is a disorder that hits us all."

Sophrology TRE Singapore Solena

Stress is a disorder that hits each and every individual. Our body responds psychologically & physiologically to external events and alters our inner balance.

Work, sleeping disorders, personal frustrations, difficult or unprocessed passed events…..



Chronic or repetitive exposure to stress is a threat to your health.


There are many consequences as a result of stress such as: augmented risk of cardiac disorders, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure…

Our body has a memory which hoards each stressful experience and engraves them in our subconscious mind. Once the cup is full, our body reacts, we burn-out!


SOLENA offers several solutions to suit your needs and helps you fight stress : 
The TRE® Method

TRE® is an efficient and certified way that helps you evacuate stress, strain & anxiety accumulated over the years.

Step by step the tensions in your body dissolve and leave space for a newly found well-being and serenity.

Sophrology TRE Singapore Solena

Sophrology is a kind of active meditation that helps you control your breath to reach better consciousness of your body & mind. It is a soothing and calm way to reconnect with yourself.

Sophrology TRE Singapore Solena

"I released all the muscles in my body, felt liberated of all my worries and felt extremely serene."

Claire - FRANCE

"I felt « put together », in security and strong."

Alice - UK 

"I was able to totally relaxed and follow the flow. I finished in a state of total peace of mind."


"I have learned how to let go. My breathing has improved."


"I felt relaxed, full of oxygen and I hope to be able to recreate these conditions in future stressful moments in my life."

Christine - UK

"It was interesting to discover how the mind can be driven and how I was able to follow the instructions."



"Relaxation, concentration on myself, light head, mood improved."


"An amazing sensation of tranquil fulfilment, my body & mind felt weightless."


"Thank you very much for teaching me TRE, it was really a life changing experience."


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